December 7, 2022

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The Interior Design Trend We’re Bringing Home

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The Interior Design Trend We're Bringing Home

For her latest collaboration with Crate and Barrel Athena embraced the idea during the assortment: in the A Coste glassware, the Pompeii pedestal, the Cannelée vase series, mugs, and linen lamp shades. It all started off in the fluted portal entry of her Brooklyn bathroom, a room in her dwelling that supplied small utility—or as most designers may well see it, an chance to make an place as impactful as doable. “On my grasp ground, architecture knowledgeable the space,” Athena points out in her ebook Reside Attractive. “Grand double doors led to the master bathroom, boasting an aged-globe fashion bathtub, plaster walls, and a marble hearth, but the hallway in between served no goal,” she continues.

The alternative lies in classical architecture. “Obsessed with accumulating plinths and pillars for the dwelling, I was attracted to historical Greek marble columns, but it was not until I noticed a wooden-paneled room at the College of Padua made by Gio Ponti that I located what I was soon after. I wrapped fluted plaster up the partitions and about the ceiling…,” she says. Athena introduced in Kamp Studios to convey her vision to daily life and the seem has soared in acceptance ever considering that (not to mention cemented their position as the leader in the aged-world plaster system).

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