Steps To Install Let’s Encrypt SSL On VPS Running Webmin/Virtualmin

SSL certificates act as a strong defence mechanism against potential security threats to a VPS Server

While some domain and hosting packages offer SSL certificates alongside hosting resources, they often come at an added cost. 

This is where Let’s Encrypt SSL becomes very desirable, as it provides you with a free SSL certificate for your VPS Server hosting

But installing Let’s Encrypt SSL on a VPS Server is not as difficult as it sounds. In fact, the process is quite simple and straightforward. 

In this post, we will explain how you can install Let’s Encrypt SSL On VPS Running Webmin/Virtualmin in just two simple steps. 

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Is it Worth Installing SSL Certificates from Let’s Encrypt?

As discussed earlier, adding an SSL certificate is among the most prominent methods of securing virtual servers

It secures your VPS by encrypting the data transferred between a server and the web browsers. 

Not that popular browsers like Google Chrome alert users when they land on a non-secure website. This is where having an SSL certificate becomes crucial, as it shows the users that your site is secure and can be trusted. In short, it adds to the credibility of your website. 

However, due to its high cost, some website owners, especially beginners, can not afford to purchase an SSL certificate. 

Thanks to Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) for introducing Let’s Encrypt, a certificate authority that offers free SSL certificates to website owners. It is a trusted body that serves over 150 million websites from all over the world.

So, yes. 

Having a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt is definitely worth it. 

Step-by-step Process of Installing Let’s Encrypt SSL Using Virtualmin/Webmin

If you are using VPS hosting Singapore, then installing Let’s Encrypt SSL is a breeze. All you have to do is follow these two simple steps:

Step-1: Enabling SSL Settings

Before proceeding further, make sure you have selected Webmin as the OS for your virtual server. Then, log in to your control panel and visit the servers tab, and change the operating system from Ubuntu to Virtualmin or Webmin. Once done, follow the below procedure:

  • Login to your Webmin/Virtualmin account by entering https://your.VPS.ip.address:10000
  • In the next window, click Advanced and then Proceed to [whatever your IP address is]. 
  • Enter your credentials. 
  • Once signed in, select Virtualmin and then the Edit Virtual Server option.  
  • Now, tick the box with the Apache SSL website enabled option. 

Step-2: Installing Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate 

  • Go to Virtualmin panel -> Server Configuration -> SSL Certificate and click the Let’s Encrypt tab. 
  • Finally, request a certificate by choosing one out of two options: Domains listed here or Domain associated with this server. Choose the second option if you want to add SSL to your default domains. But if you want to add the certificate for some other domain listed under the same VPS, then go with the Domains listed here option. 
  • Click Request Certificate

And done!

Final Words

You have just learned how to install a free SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt on your VPS running Webmin or Virtualmin. Quite simple, right?

Now, what is stopping you from securing your virtual private server? Go and grab your free SSL.