Signs You Must Shift To a Dedicated Server

Apa itu Dedicated Server? Serta Kelebihan dan Kekurangannya!

Every successful business must have a robust online presence, which is possible only by choosing reliable web hosting services. You can choose dedicated server hosting if you have specific needs that demand the resources and control a dedicated server offers. 

It helps to create various custom security protocols, and you need to worry less about the server space. So, let us find out in this article the four most prominent signs that depict why you should switch to a dedicated server. 

What is a Dedicated Server 

A dedicated server is mainly a physical server assigned to a single customer. You need a server to host or run your applications and websites so that users have the flexibility to access your services. It offers complete control over hardware, software, and resources  to the client, thereby offering high performance, scalability, customization, and security.

4 Pertinent Signs of Shifting to a Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Traffic Increase 

When your business becomes popular and starts to surge, many people start visiting your website. If you find that your website fails to handle the increased traffic load and experiences sudden downtimes, it may be time to upgrade to dedicated server hosting

  • Speed 

If your website experiences low speeds and longer page loading times, it is wise to switch to a dedicated server. This will solve this issue and help you retain your visitors. 

  • Storage Capacity

While using shared hosting, there is only a limited amount of storage capacity. Moreover, if you add multiple pages to your website over time, the shared hosting server may not be able to accommodate the new pages. It is then you will have to decide to switch to a dedicated server for increased storage capacity.

  • Security 

Shared hosting security is appropriate for small businesses. However, they, too, are exposed to security risks and cybersecurity threats. Hence, if you are looking for enhanced security for your growing website, shifting to a dedicated server may be a wise decision.

  • Server Control 

The best-dedicated server hosting gives you complete control of the resources.  You can customize server settings, install preferred applications, and implement security measures tailored to your website’s specific needs. If your existing server does not allow that, switching to a dedicated server is recommended.

How Can a Dedicated Server Help?

  • Improved Performance 

Compared to shared hosting, dedicated servers have more resources, leading to effective performance for websites and applications.

  • Higher Security 

Dedicated servers are not shared with other users, limiting your exposure to external cyber threats. 

  • Greater Control 

With the presence of dedicated servers, businesses can ensure more control over the hardware and software, which would prove helpful for the businesses with specific needs. 

  • Scalability  

Dedicated servers offer a high degree of scalability. This means you can easily add or reduce resources to suit your website needs.

  • Reliability 

In terms of reliability, you can fully count on dedicated servers, as their performance is not affected by the activities of the other users, and they mainly function as independent entities. 


So, while you think about buying a dedicated server, remember that the performance of your website depends on various factors, where web hosting plays a significant role. Running your website on a web host with low server space and longer page loading times results in a negative outlook for your website. So, consider these factors a priority and switch to dedicated server hosting to determine excellent reliability and flexibility for your website. 


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