Lab-Grown vs. Mined Diamonds

Today, diamonds are no longer a girl’s best friend but everyone’s friends as it remains as popular as ever. People love to receive and give diamonds on any occasion such as engagements, gifts or tokens of love but have you ever wondered where diamonds come from? What is the difference between Dallas TX loose lab grown diamonds wholesale and retail?

What is the difference between lab-grown vs. mined diamonds? If one puts a lab-grown diamond and a mined diamond together, can people tell the difference between the two?

Mined diamonds are diamonds that were formed underneath deep the earth’s crust and take millions of years to be created. These diamonds are what people normally think of when asking where diamonds come from however, there is another, quicker way to create diamonds and they are called lab-grown diamonds. 

Lab-grown diamonds, or synthetic diamonds, is a diamond no matter where they come from and below is information to help you distinguish what is the difference between lab-grown and mined diamonds. 

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real?

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds. Mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are near impossible to distinguish in terms of color, brightness or other visual characteristics. Lab-created diamonds come in two forms — high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) diamonds and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamonds.

High-Pressure, High-Temperature Diamonds

To create High-Pressure, High-Temperature diamonds, lab scientists exposed carbon to extremely high temperature and high pressure. This method is similar to the conditions that produce mined diamonds beneath the earth’s crust, the old-fashioned way with high pressure and temperature, in order to generate the crystals in the lab. It is also more expensive because of the energy and equipment it requires.

Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamonds

To create chemical vapor deposition diamonds, lab scientists begin with a tiny speck of crystal called a diamond seed and cultivate it into a larger crystal through layers of chemical deposits. This method, has been around for a decade, costs less because it operates at lower temperatures and pressures and thus needs less energy and equipment. It can simply produce clear, colorless diamonds because it uses only hydrogen and carbon.

Are lab grown diamonds as good as mined diamonds?

A dollar is a real dollar even if it is crumpled up or found on the ground, and also if it is newly printed fresh from the bank. A diamond, whether lab-grown or mined deep underneath the earth or when a lab scientist creates it in a lab. 

Mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds’ features are impossible to distinguish visually, if you are focusing on color, brightness or other visual characteristics. Correctly identifying lab-grown diamonds takes professional training. Under special scientific equipment like a microscope, diamonds’ characteristics and imperfections, it is near possible to tell whether a diamond is mined or lab-created. 

To the naked eye the physical  features described for both diamonds are invisible. One way for friends or strangers to know about distinguishable features is you let them know that they are lab-created diamonds. If you tell them, you are only spreading the word of the beauty and value of lab-grown diamonds to the world. 

Are lab created diamonds valuable?

A diamond is a diamond so no matter what anyone says, both mined and lab-grown diamonds are formed from carbon and other traces of gasses. The physical properties of the two types of diamonds are identical as well and only under a microscope can anyone tell the differences. Visually, the two types of diamonds are the same.

Both lab-grown and mined diamonds are measured according to what diamond professionals call the 4C’s, the cut, color, clarity and carat, where carat refers to weight. There is much variation among mined diamonds in these categories, and there is much variation among lab-created diamonds in these categories. But there is no significant variation between mined and lab-grown diamonds in these categories.

The Federal Trade Commission officially classifies lab-grown diamonds as bona fide and real diamonds.Moreover, the two most accepted and respected international gem laboratories, the GIA and AGS, grade the quality of lab-created and mined diamonds in the same way.

Lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds are visually identical, and equally durable. Mined diamonds are formed over millions of years while lab-grown diamonds can form in under 10 weeks. The equipment, machinery, materials, and highly competent staff required for manufacturing feet are very costly so anyone can say that lab-created diamonds are valuable.